So many photoshoots, shows and music videos and I haven't even gotten into my February load yet (which starts tomorrow which is why I'm updating now while I have the chance).

This week is like so-

Monday- Audition
Tuesday- Photoshoot in IADT and in Visionary Studios x2
Thursday- RnB music video shoot
Sunday- Photoshoot with photographer who's travelled over from Germany to shoot with me

And I'll probably throw in a few more things to add to the chaos not to mention I'll be travelling back and forth from Boyle to Dublin like a mad woman.

Tis the life I chose and really (don't tell anyone but) I wouldn't have it any other way ^_^

As far as Burlesque I have routine ideas coming out my ears so hopefully I'll be back on stage soon enough. Until then did anyone see the bottoms off my bathing suit?